19 weeks: Mango


How far along: Week 19

How big is baby: Baby is the size of a mango

Sleep: Absolutely no complaints. However I wake up so early as I need a wee and then once I’ve got up and been to the toilet I can’t get back to sleep.

Symptoms: I am now just down to being sick once a week (hurrah!). I am starting to really enjoy being pregnant and embracing the second trimester energy which I don’t think will be here to stay.

Best moment of this week: On the 1st July we went for a gender scan and found out we’re expecting a baby GIRL!

Miss anything: Nothing at all

Movement: I started to feel the baby on the 9th July. It was a very hot day and I was laid on my front in the paddling pool. Suddenly I felt a very strange sensation and it was like she was rolling over! I could only feel it when I was laid on my front. However today I have felt a few kicks! It seems as though we have skipped the ‘butterflies’ stage and gone straight for the big movements.

Food cravings: I am definitely more hungry now the sickness has stop. I’ve been eating a lot of past dinners to fill me up.

Anything making you queasy or sick: There doesn’t seem to be a trigger other than getting too hungry

Gender: Girl !

How’s your mood: Happy and excited for her to get here

Looking forward to: Our NHS 20 week scan which is in a week

The Bump: Growing rapidly



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