9 weeks: Grape


I am finally starting to feel like we are going to have a baby this year! I am starting to show a tiny bit already which is unbelievable. It is more noticeable when I lie down as I have a very hard belly which is definitely more than a bloat.

How far along: Week 9

How big is baby: Baby is the size of a raspberry

Sleep: The tiredness seems to have reached a whole new level. In fact it isn’t even tiredness anymore it is just pure exhaustion

Symptoms: I seem to be getting everything in the book! I am being sick most days now and when I am not being sick I am feeling sick. I have also had some really severe headaches. I seem to be noticing my bladder a bit more now too, which I think has actually come a bit later than it does for some other women. As draining and inconvenient the symptoms are I am actually pleased to be feeling this way as it is like a daily reminder and reassurance that the baby is still in there doing its thing.

Best moment of this week: When I came home from Lauren’s hen weekend (which was a struggle – 4 days in Newquay!) and Chris asked me if I was breathing out as my belly was so swollen! He couldn’t believe the bump that had formed in a matter of days.

Miss anything: Waking up without feeling like I need to vom

Movement: Obviously nothing yet

Food cravings: I seem to be able to eat a bit better at the moment but my stomach has certainly shrunk. I haven’t finished a meal in weeks which is very unlike me

Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of cooked food the day after. e.g. KFC in the fridge was enough to make me be sick in my mouth!

Gender: Everybody is saying boy!

How’s your mood: I actually feel a lot more relaxed now. I think the scan certainly helped. I am channeling positivity again which I haven’t done for such a long time due to the bloody infertility turning me into a very negative person. 

Looking forward to: Our next scan on the 22nd May, 17 sleeps! And telling the rest of our friends and family the good news.

The Bump: As above I have a very slight hard swollen belly



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