7 weeks: Blueberry


We have just had an ultrasound and saw the baby’s heartbeat. Words cannot describe how that felt. Relief, disbelief, happiness, disbelief, and an overwhelming feeling of love already.

We are measuring approx 7 weeks and everything is looking good and healthy. Our next scan is in a months time where I should be 11-12 weeks.

How far along: Week 7

How big is baby: Baby is the size of a blueberry

Sleep: All the time, anywhere and anytime!

Symptoms: I have been feeling very nauseous and the sickness has started. The nausea is pretty much 24/7 and I have been sick basically every other day. I have had to tell my close colleagues as I am shaky and look like crap. The exhaustion is like nothing I’ve felt before, last week I was in bed asleep by 9.30! However to know the baby is growing well I would take sickness every day of the week. I also seem to be loosing a lot of hair which is quite weird. And my heart is beating very fast and hard!

Best moment of this week: The scan and seeing that little flicker of a heart beating away

Miss anything: Waking up without feeling like I need to vom

Movement: Obviously nothing yet

Food cravings: Bland carbs, and McDonalds!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Everything

Gender: My gut is still telling me it’s going to be a boy

How’s your mood: After today’s scan I am going to relax and enjoy this pregnancy with the belief that we are going to have  a baby by the end of the year. 

Looking forward to: Our next scan on the 22nd May (which is our 2nd house anniversary!)

The Bump: Obviously there is nothing there yet



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