3rd time lucky?

Today marks Day 1 of our third Clomid 100mg cycle.

I am expecting the side effects to be horrendous, they seem to increase with every month of medication.

My progesterone levels last month were 86.7. Obviously still fantastic but not as high as the previous months 157!

We have booked a Barcelona break for my birthday in a few weeks and I am looking forward to having some nice quality time with Mr W

I am actually in a much better place this month than I have been for a while. I think I have accepted that this journey is going to be a long and hard one and I need to focus on other positive things and appreciate the fantastic life Mr W and I have built together. Obviously I still have my down moments but overall I seem to be having a more positive outlook.

I am due to start fertility acupuncture in a few weeks so that’s also something to look forward to.

So let’s see, third time lucky?



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