New year, same battle.

new years eve 2017I was in such a good place, until I came back to work!

Mr W and I had the entire festive break off together and it was wonderful. I almost forgot the whole baby making rubbish and completely switched off. However being back at work and back in a routine has meant I am back into my old habits of thinking about this difficult journey 100+ times a day, and it’s only the second day back!

Before Christmas I received my day 21 blood results for the 100mg Clomid and the Progesterone level was 157! Anything over 10 is a positive ovulation so the doctor thinks I ovulated multiple eggs, perhaps 4 or 5. Which is obviously amazing news! I couldn’t believe it when the news was good, it is the first piece of good news we have had this whole time.

Obviously good luck didn’t strike twice and I got my period on Christmas day, CD 28. Whilst disappointing it was lovely to be on time for the first time in a year since I came off the pill last Christmas.

New Year was a difficult one. I really struggle with not knowing what is going to happen to us or where we will be this time next year. It is very difficult to be excited about the future and the year ahead when you have no idea which direction you will go in! We could either be parents, pregnant or even further into this infertile battle.

My usual therapy is to go travelling as a distraction. However now the Clomid is working we do not want to book too far in advance in case our miracle happens for us. My parents want to go to South Africa for Christmas next year but are also holding off booking anything for a few months just in case.

Whilst I am feeling the most positive I have for a long time, I am also very skeptical and frankly terrified at what is ahead. We have another 5 months of 100mg Clomid before we move onto anything else. Here’s hoping for a fantastic 2017.



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