The Big Results

So this morning I set my alarm for 6.10am so that I could get to Pagthologhy for my blood test and be at my desk by 8.30am. It is so hard to have these appointments/tests/bloods when you don’t want any of your colleagues to know what is going on.

Anyway, this is my Day 21 bloods for 100mg Clomid. I am extremely nervous to get the results, the most anxious I have been so far. Probably because if it is bad news I know we have a very long and difficult road ahead of us that is likely to end in IVF.

I felt like I did have a lot of positive ovulation symptoms this month such as cramps, CM, and an almost positive ovulation test. However, in my heart I do not think we are going to get good news.

We have also had a rocky week as Mr W got the results of his sperm analysis. Although not as bad as we have initially thought they still aren’t great. His mobility, volume etc was all fine, the only thing that let him down was the morphology (shape). The average man has 4% good shaped swimmers and his is only 2%. However the GP did tell him it was the best of the bad results he could have got, so that’s something.

It just feels like we keep getting beat down and hitting more brick walls. Which is why I suppose I am feeling so negative about this latest blood test of mine.

The GP told Mr W that if this 100mg clomid hasn’t worked he suggests we move forward with the IVF referral. Which is terrifying. In our area you get three tries of IVF on the NHS. For my age group the success rate is approx 30% per round. So whilst the odds aren’t terrible, it’s hard not to think “three strikes and you’re out”.However the wait time to be seen at the fertility clinic under the NHS is apparently only 2-3 months which is a lot better than I had anticipated.

I have a busy festive weekend ahead which will hopefully distract me somewhat from the anxiety of the blood results on Monday/Tuesday.


One thought on “The Big Results

  1. Thank you for the Follow! I do hope that your blood test results came back on a positive note! I remember those feelings all too well and still struggle with them from time to time. Good luck on your Infertility journey and please feel free to reach out if you need anything!


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